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Septic SystemCleaning your septic tank is a critical step in septic system care as it extends the life of the septic field. Septic tanks work a lot like a wood stove, just as there is ash left over after the fire, your septic tank has sludge build-up in the bottom of the tank as part of its proper function. And just as you have to periodically clean out the ash, so does the septic tank need to be pumped of the sludge. The number of people in the household, use of a garbage disposal, and size of the septic tank determines how often the tank should be pumped. Pumping also allows for regular opening and inspection of the septic tank, which gives an additional opportunity to check for other septic system problems that could be leading to a costly failure.

Chemicals can increase the life of the drainfield.

CCLSCCLS - Generates bacteria which breaks down the solids and waste in the septic tank. This helps prevent clogging the leach lines in the drainfield. Comes in one gallon container allowing for several treatments or as a recharge after septic tank pumping.



Bio-Force - Works the same as CCLS and comes in 12 Ready-to-use packets to take the guess work out of measuring.


Drainmaster - Concentrated drain cleaner which helps prevent build up and clogs to drains wont becme a problem (primarily for use prior to a stopped up drain). Comes in one gallon container.


Bio-RemBio-Rem E-D - A granular bacteria product for grease traps and clogged leach lines. Excellent product for restaurants, commercial, and institutional use.

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